Welcome back to another installment of the Blightmare development blog!  The big editor refactor is finally being used by the designers now, so I think it’s a good time to take a look back at how we got here.  This post will be some thoughts about why we went ahead and did the refactor and Continue Reading

Hi there!  Thanks for stopping by for another edition of the Blightmare dev blog.  I had been hoping that today’s post could be a look back at the fairly major editor refactor that’s been ongoing for a while now, but it’s not quite ready so that will have to wait for another week.  Today I Continue Reading

Hello there and welcome back to another installment of the Blightmare Development Blog.  Today’s post is going to be a quick look into some of the more technical bits that go into getting sprites – static images – into the editor and game.  At first thought, this might seem like something that doesn’t require much Continue Reading

HEELLOOOOO!!! I’m Andrew and welcome to my simple enemy design procedure.  YES!  Blightmare does have enemies.  Today we will go through how the ‘Pokey Pine’ enemy was created.  He’s an aggressive little guy but Blissa will always find a way to use him as an tool to progress through her dreams!   PART ONE First Continue Reading

Hello and welcome to another Blightmare dev blog!  Things have been progressing slower than we like around here, but we’re getting closer and closer.  We’ve had all our mechanics built for some time now and that has allowed us to really experiment with combining them in ways that we didn’t originally consider.  In doing so, Continue Reading

Welcome back to another instalment of the Blightmare developer blog.  We’re happy you’re here!  Today’s post will walk through the server support that we built to enable our editor to save, share, and protect levels.  Let’s dive right in.   As we’ve talked about before, Blightmare has a level editor application that is used to Continue Reading

Hello there and welcome to another Blightmare dev blog!  We recently wrote about what tools and services we use to manage code and assets, but that doesn’t tell the whole story. The editor and the logic for the game itself are developed initially inside the Unity editor, but that is not how we build content Continue Reading

Hello there!  Thanksgiving was yesterday here in Canada and the Plateau team is wishing you and yours all the best as we live through these unprecedented times.  We’re particularly thankful for all of our Kickstarter supporters, our blog readers, and everyone that has taken the opportunity to wishlist Blightmare on Steam.  The timing of things Continue Reading

Happy Tuesday everyone!  Welcome back to the Blightmare development blog.  Last week, I talked a bit about the tools that we use as a team to get things done.  I’m back today to finish up with a discussion of our version control experiences – as promised.  I’m going to go through them in the order Continue Reading

Hello there!  Chris here, back for another look at the inner workings of Blightmare’s development process.  Today I’ll be discussing the tools and processes that we use to make sure we can all work effectively and efficiently whenever we have time.  This is of particular importance for a small team, especially one that is spread Continue Reading