Hello everyone!  Welcome back to another instalment of the Blightmare Dev Blog!  I hope you’re staying safe and sane out there as we make our way through these crazy times.  Development on Blightmare has slowed a bit unfortunately as we all try to get a handle the new normal.  But that’s enough of that for Continue Reading

Hello and welcome to another installment of the Blightmare Dev Blog!  Before we jump in, I want to say that all of us here on the Blightmare team wish you health and safety in this time of great uncertainty.  We hope that these blogs can do a little bit to change the subject and offer Continue Reading

Hello! I’m Tom, one of the programmers on Blightmare, and today I will give you a very quick overview of how we build the terrain for our Blightmare levels. The terrain is actually pretty simple.  We start out with an empty rectangular grid, and the level designers can fill in certain grid squares with terrain Continue Reading

Hello and welcome to another installment of the Blightmare Dev Blog!  Today I’m going to show a quick debugging session to demonstrate how useful visualizing a problem can be. Yesterday at our weekly meeting, Nick the level designer, mentioned that there was something funky going on with our caterpillars.  I asked for a little more Continue Reading

Happy Tuesday everyone!  I’m back with another programming related post but this time in a little different format.  This time we’re going to take a look at the very foundation of platforming: physics.   The first question to answer is what does physics actually mean for us?  For the purposes of this post, we are dealing Continue Reading

Welcome back to the Blightmare Dev Blog!  Today we will be taking a quick look at the secret sauce that really brings a game to life – Sound.  It’s easy to forget about sound when thinking about a mechanic or feature, but once you play through once with sound there’s no going back.  In this Continue Reading

Hello again!  Welcome back to the historical look at how Blightmare has evolved over its development so far.  Last week I introduced the blog series a little bit and gave a teaser video of the first time we could swing the net.  Today we will take several steps forward to see how several mechanics first Continue Reading

Hello!  I’m Chris, one of the programmers on Blightmare.  I’ve been a professional game programmer for almost 10 years now ranging from AAA sports games to web games to mobile games.  I’ve always had a weakness for MMORPGs, starting with a text based one called Phatasia 4 to Dransik, Runescape, and of course WoW.  It Continue Reading

Hello Everyone, and welcome to our freshly rebuilt website.  This is the official home for all things Blightmare!  The team has been working really hard over the last several months navigating a multitude of challenges that life has thrown our way.  From moving across the country to job changes to new little ones, we’ve all Continue Reading