Happy Tuesday everyone!  Welcome back to the Blightmare development blog.  Last week, I talked a bit about the tools that we use as a team to get things done.  I’m back today to finish up with a discussion of our version control experiences – as promised.  I’m going to go through them in the order Continue Reading

Hello there!  Chris here, back for another look at the inner workings of Blightmare’s development process.  Today I’ll be discussing the tools and processes that we use to make sure we can all work effectively and efficiently whenever we have time.  This is of particular importance for a small team, especially one that is spread Continue Reading

Hello and welcome to another Blightmare development blog!  Today’s post is a quick look at a programming topic: terrain outlines.  In case anyone is wondering what this means, “terrain outlines” refers to the layer of tiles that completely rings the solid terrain in a level.  The outline layer is a bit different than the interior Continue Reading

Hello there!  Welcome back to another installment of the Blightmare dev blog.  Today I’ll go into some detail about how we are implementing hidden areas within the levels of Blightmare.  This is something that is very new, so the approach may change as we use it more, but this is what we have so far: Continue Reading

Hello!  Tom here for another tech post.  In this entry I will be talking about an Immediate Mode GUI library we’re using for parts of Blightmare’s editor, and what makes it special. We’re all familiar with Graphical User Interfaces, or GUIs.  It’s the thing you interact with on a modern computing device where you can Continue Reading

Hello!  Welcome back to the Blightmare dev blog!  Today is the last instalment in the refactor series.  This is going to be some general thoughts on the whole process.  You might call it a bit of a retrospective I suppose.  Let’s get to it.   The only downside of refactoring is the time spent which Continue Reading

Hello and welcome back to another instalment of the Blightmare development blog!  Today’s post is the second to last part of a long series covering the 2 largest individual changes made to the code base.  I will cover the second refactor here and leave some concluding thoughts for next week.  Let’s dive in.   I Continue Reading

Intro Hello again!  I’m back again with part 4 of our ongoing refactor series.  It’s finally time to cover the first refactor.  The last several weeks laid the groundwork for this post and I would encourage you to peruse them if you’re interested in the details.  The quick summary is that the game has some Continue Reading

Intro Hello and welcome back to the Blightmare dev blog!  I’m in the middle of a series focused on why the game logic was rewritten twice before finally settling on the approach we have today.  You can find Part 1 here and Part 2 here.  Today I will discuss the net implementation and finish up Continue Reading

Hello once again and welcome to the Blightmare development blog!  We’re in the middle of a multi-part discussion of the evolution of Blightmare’s code which will be a look back at why we rewrote the game twice.  In part 1 I introduced the series and set us up with a plan that allows the game Continue Reading