Hello!  Welcome back to the Blightmare dev blog!  Today is the last instalment in the refactor series.  This is going to be some general thoughts on the whole process.  You might call it a bit of a retrospective I suppose.  Let’s get to it.   The only downside of refactoring is the time spent which Continue Reading

Hello and welcome back to another instalment of the Blightmare development blog!  Today’s post is the second to last part of a long series covering the 2 largest individual changes made to the code base.  I will cover the second refactor here and leave some concluding thoughts for next week.  Let’s dive in.   I Continue Reading

Intro Hello again!  I’m back again with part 4 of our ongoing refactor series.  It’s finally time to cover the first refactor.  The last several weeks laid the groundwork for this post and I would encourage you to peruse them if you’re interested in the details.  The quick summary is that the game has some Continue Reading

Intro Hello and welcome back to the Blightmare dev blog!  I’m in the middle of a series focused on why the game logic was rewritten twice before finally settling on the approach we have today.  You can find Part 1 here and Part 2 here.  Today I will discuss the net implementation and finish up Continue Reading

Hello once again and welcome to the Blightmare development blog!  We’re in the middle of a multi-part discussion of the evolution of Blightmare’s code which will be a look back at why we rewrote the game twice.  In part 1 I introduced the series and set us up with a plan that allows the game Continue Reading

Hello everyone and welcome back to the Blightmare development blog.  Today I’m going to begin a series of posts that will describe why we rewrote most of the logic for the game twice and what we learned along the way.  I don’t know how many parts this will end up being, but hopefully it’s interesting! Continue Reading

Hello!  Welcome back to another installation of the Blightmare Development Blog.  It’s garbage day in my neighbourhood today which ties in nicely with this two part topic. I was working on ironing out some bugs that we had found while doing some playtesting and I noticed another problem.  Have a look:   As you can Continue Reading

Hello everyone!  Welcome back to another Blightmare dev blog!  Today is going to be pretty short for reasons that I’ll get into in a little bit.  Anyway, I hope you all are staying as safe as possible and making the best out of this unfortunate situation. The topic today is upgrades.  Blightmare uses a few Continue Reading

Hello and welcome to another installment of the Blightmare development blog!  I will be continuing our discussion of the Editor today by taking a look at one of those features that most people don’t notice unless it’s missing: Undo/Redo.  Pretty much any application that stores and displays input from a user will need the ability Continue Reading

Tom here for another article on the development of Blightmare.  This time, I will start introducing our custom made editor.  Now, you may be asking, “Tom, you’re using Unity, and Unity is an editor, why would you write your own?”  Well let’s find out! So firstly, what do we even mean by “editor”?  In the Continue Reading