Welcome to another Blightmare Dev Blog!  Chris has spent some time talking about lighting, now I’ll talk a bit about the camera we use for Blightmare. To render the game, we need to tell the engine where the camera is located, and how big the field of view is that the camera can see.  By Continue Reading

Hello and welcome back to the Blightmare dev blog! Recently, we’ve been working on some performance improvements, and today we’ll take a look at a very common technique called culling. The basic idea is that if you can’t see something, then there’s no sense in drawing or animating it. Let’s dig into how this works. Continue Reading

Hey everyone! It’s Andrew, the artist/designer, to talk a little bit about the importance of video game story telling!     I truly believe that video games are the single greatest form of storytelling that we have easy access to in our day. In a game, a story can be told through text, still images, Continue Reading

Hello and welcome back to another Blightmare dev blog!  This past week, I spent some time away from the editor and focused on some of the neglected parts of the game itself.  In particular, I took at stab at the main menu and pause menu.  These menus are almost the same, and we wanted them Continue Reading