Hello and welcome back to the Blightmare dev blog!  Today’s post will wrap up the ongoing deep dive into terrain optimizations with a look at how the decorative outline tiles work.   We introduced the outline tiles in our original terrain post but some of the details were glossed over a bit.  Careful readers would Continue Reading

Welcome back to the Blightmare dev blog, we’re happy to have you!  Today’s post is the reveal of how well the terrain loading optimizations from last week ended up performing.  Spoilers: it’s pretty good.   First a little recap:   The terrain tiling rules that we use depend on the 8 adjacent tiles in order Continue Reading

Hello and welcome back to the Blightmare Development Blog!  Somehow in my excitement to get the editor out the door I completely forgot that we had scripting in the game.  I remembered early this week and set about rectifying my mistake.  I was very pleasantly surprised when it only took a few days to re-implement Continue Reading

Hello and welcome to a new year of the Blightmare dev blog!  This is the first regular blog that I’ve ever been a part of, so it’s pretty exciting to mark a whole year of posts.  The team was taking some time to rest and relax over the past couple of weeks, so today I’m Continue Reading