Hey everyone! Andrew here bringing you a quick show n tell on how we approach decorating a level for Blightmare! It’s quite simple. We tend to do it by layers. Far background, immediate background, foreground, and extreme close foreground. The interactive objects such as lightbugs and ladybugs all exist on the player layer which is Continue Reading

Hello and welcome back to another Blightmare dev blog!  This post is a continuation of our 2D lighting series which started with the basics here.  Last time we saw what a little bit of lighting could do to help our test scene pop a little bit, and today we’re going to make it even better Continue Reading

Hello there and welcome back to another installment of the Blightmare Development Blog.  Today’s post is going to be a quick look into some of the more technical bits that go into getting sprites – static images – into the editor and game.  At first thought, this might seem like something that doesn’t require much Continue Reading

HEELLOOOOO!!! I’m Andrew and welcome to my simple enemy design procedure.  YES!  Blightmare does have enemies.  Today we will go through how the ‘Pokey Pine’ enemy was created.  He’s an aggressive little guy but Blissa will always find a way to use him as an tool to progress through her dreams!   PART ONE First Continue Reading

Andrew here with a second art update!  I will be showcasing the simple procedure of creating environment art.  Nothing too crazy!  Hopefully it will show you that some things need not be too complicated.  Lets do this in three simple steps.   1.  Drawing the shape of an object!  Below is your average forest shrub.  Continue Reading