Andrew here with a second art update!  I will be showcasing the simple procedure of creating environment art.  Nothing too crazy!  Hopefully it will show you that some things need not be too complicated.  Lets do this in three simple steps.


1.  Drawing the shape of an object!  Below is your average forest shrub.  When creating the shape of your environment it is important to keep all assets looking like they are from the same family, so a certain style is warranted to achieve this.  It can be any style, just as long as the style remains the same across all assets so that they all feel like they come from the same world.  For Mr.Shrub over here, we went with a very oval/bouncy style of linework.  It has similar curves as Blissa’s hair and other important elements of the game.  After the line work is done, its on to colour!


2.  Colours!  We went with a cool green gradient that felt dipped in a dark purple.  The green to contrast Blissa’s orange/red hair so she would stand out more, and the darker purple to show a darker underbelly to the object (and even perhaps the world we are traversing)


3.  Highlights and Shadows!  A simple 60% opacity (visibility) of white for the highlight and a 30% opacity of dark purple for the shadows appear on almost EVERY art object in the game.  This is to marry all items together creating a form of unity that makes each object believable within their own world/element.


When applying all these steps to each object we start to feel like they all can co-exist in the same world.  The procedure need not be complicated or even overly detailed.  As long as it makes sense to the game and to each other! Here is a small picture showing some of the objects in our library!


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