I’m Andrew and welcome to my simple enemy design procedure.  YES!  Blightmare does have enemies.  Today we will go through how the ‘Pokey Pine’ enemy was created.  He’s an aggressive little guy but Blissa will always find a way to use him as an tool to progress through her dreams!



First off, the enemy can be captured!  This means Blissa is able to hold it in her net and use it for her advantage.  So let’s grab a current object that is already about that size, like this purple cocoony thing here.  I used this as a starting point for colour, size and detail.



This guy is going to enable Blissa to latch onto walls while he is in her net, so I really wanted this guy to look like an evil hedgehog or porcupine.  His spikes will be able to latch onto any wall while it’s in her net.  As you can see below, I sort of came up with 3 simple designs of these spikes.  I ended up choosing number 3, because 1 seemed a bit to “Pokey” and 2 seemed a bit too much like Sonic, so I decided on 3!



Now for the colouring.  We use the same kinds of purples to unify it with the rest of the game and I chose yellow eyes to have him stand out just a tad.  When Blissa gets too close he gets defensive and will attempt to roll at her with those sharp pointy ends!  Will it get her?  Or will she be able to nab it just in time with her trusty net?  You’ll have to determine that!

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