Happy Tuesday!  Thanks for dropping by the Blightmare Dev Blog for this second and final part of a look at cleaning up some garbage that was creating janks.  If you haven’t had a chance to read the first part, you can find it here. We left off with a profile that looks a bit like Continue Reading

Hello!  Welcome back to another installation of the Blightmare Development Blog.  It’s garbage day in my neighbourhood today which ties in nicely with this two part topic. I was working on ironing out some bugs that we had found while doing some playtesting and I noticed another problem.  Have a look:   As you can Continue Reading

Hello everyone!  Welcome back to another Blightmare dev blog!  Today is going to be pretty short for reasons that I’ll get into in a little bit.  Anyway, I hope you all are staying as safe as possible and making the best out of this unfortunate situation. The topic today is upgrades.  Blightmare uses a few Continue Reading

Hello and welcome to another installment of the Blightmare development blog!  I will be continuing our discussion of the Editor today by taking a look at one of those features that most people don’t notice unless it’s missing: Undo/Redo.  Pretty much any application that stores and displays input from a user will need the ability Continue Reading

This week we have a video update demonstrating how we use our editor to create levels for Blightmare.  Enjoy!

Hello again!  I hope you are all staying safe, washing those hands, and keeping sane.  Here in the virtual Blightmare office, we’re still moving along much like we always have.  To that end, today we’re going to take a look at where we’re at as well as the process that we’re using to stay on Continue Reading

Tom here for another article on the development of Blightmare.  This time, I will start introducing our custom made editor.  Now, you may be asking, “Tom, you’re using Unity, and Unity is an editor, why would you write your own?”  Well let’s find out! So firstly, what do we even mean by “editor”?  In the Continue Reading

Hello everyone!  Welcome back to another instalment of the Blightmare Dev Blog!  I hope you’re staying safe and sane out there as we make our way through these crazy times.  Development on Blightmare has slowed a bit unfortunately as we all try to get a handle the new normal.  But that’s enough of that for Continue Reading

Hello and welcome to another installment of the Blightmare Dev Blog!  Before we jump in, I want to say that all of us here on the Blightmare team wish you health and safety in this time of great uncertainty.  We hope that these blogs can do a little bit to change the subject and offer Continue Reading

Hello! I’m Tom, one of the programmers on Blightmare, and today I will give you a very quick overview of how we build the terrain for our Blightmare levels. The terrain is actually pretty simple.  We start out with an empty rectangular grid, and the level designers can fill in certain grid squares with terrain Continue Reading