Hello Everyone, and welcome to our freshly rebuilt website.  This is the official home for all things Blightmare! 

The team has been working really hard over the last several months navigating a multitude of challenges that life has thrown our way.  From moving across the country to job changes to new little ones, we’ve all struggled to find the right balance between work, family, and fun.  Halfway through the first month of the new year, things are starting to settle in and we’re all super excited to start showing off some of the things that we’ve been working on.

The plan for the next series of posts here is to give a bit of a historical look into what the game has looked like over its development process and provide thoughts about how and why we did the things that we did.  Many of the posts will include a video, gif, or image that we shared internally with the team so that you can see what we see.  Starting with the first video we ever released – the cinematic trailer.

This video was produced single-handedly by our Designer/Artist/Creative Designer.  He’s the one that got us all together into this team and created the concept that the entire project is based on.  This trailer was really the first complete depiction of Blissa and her world.  When I saw it for the first time, I had my first real sense of belief in the game.  You will see some of the early looks at the game, the editor, and other pieces of development material throughout this blog series which tell the story of how we went from an idea to various playable prototypes to a real production pipeline.  You can follow along as we take risks that work and those that don’t, through the trials of upgrading our game engine version and some hard lessons learned about using experimental features.  I’m hopeful that our journey will be an engaging trip through one example of the game development cycle.  You can expect a new post here each week and follow us on Twitter and Facebook to get a helpful notification when its up.


To all our backers, friends, family, people we’ve met at events, and anyone else that has supported the project either directly or indirectly over the past couple of years – Thank You!  This is a passion project in every sense of the phrase and we couldn’t have gotten this far without your immense support.  Stay tuned!