Hey everyone! It's Andrew, the artist/designer, to talk a little bit about the importance of video game story telling!



I truly believe that video games are the single greatest form of storytelling that we have easy access to in our day. In a game, a story can be told through text, still images, animation, pixel art, acting, music, poetry and even just sound effects. "Andrew, you just made a list of a bunch of art forms that we have had for years!" EXACTLY! A video game can be ALL forms of art in one! Like a perfect story telling sandwich! With all ALL your favourite toppings - or even just ONE of your favourites. You want a game that's just bread? Cool, lets make a game about it. But this isn't even the best part. The best part is - sometimes you actually get to make the sandwich yourself, AND eat it! Has my analogy gone too far? Have I lost you? Sorry I do that sometimes.

A video game is interactive, it allows the player to participate in the world or scenario that is being presented to them. It has agency. This single quality that only video game's can truly possess makes all the difference. Allowing the player to make and eat the sandwich before them ultimately makes it more satisfying! This is the reason why storytelling is greatest when presented through a game. The player becomes one with the character. They grow with them, they make decisions with them, they take damage with them, they fail with them and most importantly they learn with them. This creates a relationship that can potentially be more empathetic and effective when telling stories! SO POWERFUL!!

This can be, however, a double edged sword, 'With great power comes great.. yadda yadda..' and its true. Some games are meant to be addictive money sucking machines that can be comparable to a drug. All forms of art have their good and bad. We at Plateau Games are determined to bring a healthy perspective through the eyes of a young child going through her own personal struggles. We believe that such a venture is healthy, noble, and great for learning and empathizing with others. As we pursue effective and healthy forms of story telling going forward, I TRULY think that the world becomes a better place.



One good game at a time.